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Fake Repeat Locations

Having a common problem (especially in maps, never came up in country streaks). Where it will appear to repeat your previous location but actually use the next location in reality, making it impossible to guess. Happened two me like 2-3 times this morning and then in 3-4 games in a row when playing with friends in leagues in the evening


  • Hi,

    Which Maps have you played, is it World as well or others that perhaps have less locations?
  • This is caused by Google failing the latest Street View update, breaking and removing so much coverage. Not surprising GeoGuessr is heavily affected by this. I had to remove my Vietnam map for instance as all the coverage was removed by Google. Very annoying and nothing can be done to avoid this...
  • Hi i played duels game and started another one, and all locations (from my point of view were the last location in the previous duels game), but they were not and i lost the game in 2 rounds? What to do if this keeps happening? When I watch the replay, we (me and the opponent) obviously had 2 different locations.
    Round 2 was the same.
    The Musaqa
  • Hi,

    Could you send on this report to and we can look further into it? Thanks!
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