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User "google maps" published map named "Best of Europe" but all locations are in Iraq and almost all of them have some sort of advertising added into. Is this allowed on Geoguessr!!!???


  • This account is known for making clickbait maps where locations are nowhere related to the title. Someone already made a thread on this forum about it. About the advertising it's not from the map creator, but from whoever took the pictures and published them on Google Maps.
  • This guy is precisely why some sort of scoring system is needed.  There's no way to tell from the beginning that you're in a map game that has nothing to do with the title and is obnoxiously difficult.  It's not a big deal if you don't care about your average score, but the frustration in getting stuck in a game you have no interest in is pushing me away, honestly.
  • Hi,
    we're working on a rating system for user maps that hopefully will help us expose "good" maps in a better way. Stay tuned!

  • Good to hear this.

    Comments could also be a good idea. This would allow people to tell if the map was a trap or not, and report broken locations to the map author directly via the game (as Google randomly removes data, black screens can appear and we have to change them).

    Also map authors could use the location rating system to see where are the least popular locations of the map. This would require something to display a location list and the associated ratings.
  • I agree.  This is a good start.

    Comments would be incredibly helpful as well, and I hope there's something in the works for that functionality too.
  • I agree also.

    About getting high average score, when I start playing a map which is misleading or fake I simply close the browser and let the map sit in "ongoing games" until it expire
    Sergio B

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