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"failed to load panorama this round. try again." but it wont skip

i'm on a 14 streak which i started yesterday and i spawn in, the screen is black so i try to move by clicking the arrows. each direction fails and it just brings up a message of "failed to load panorama this round. try again."

I looked up what to do for this, and found people on reddit saying that it would automatically skip that round with awarding you a point for it, but no matter how many times i spam try again or refresh the page, nothing happens.

any way to fix this or work around it?


  • update : i kept trying and now it wont even let me move with the arrows, they disappeared.
  • Hi,

    We can always revive streaks so no worries.

    I would need the URL of the game though (

  • i tested the link on an incognito tab so i wasnt signed in and im not sure how that works. it lets you into the game but not my account? also, shouldnt i dm this to you through something? because i dont want other people to be able to guess in this in case they just guess anything on purpose
  • Not sure what you mean with that you tested the link. I would just need the URL of the game to sort it for you.

    No one can guess on your game thats on your account.

    You can send the URL to as well and I can sort it.
  • what i meant was i just copy pasted the link on a tab i wasnt signed in on. how long would it take to sort once i sent the link through?
  • It can be fixed right away 👍
  • ok thanks for the help, i'll send it rn
  • wait actually i cant send it now, i dont have my email on this pc but i'll do it later

  • Great, send it on to and I will fix.

    Since its night time here in Sweden I will sort it after some sleep in about 8H just so you know.


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