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Explorer mode maps thoughts


First, thanks for adding new countries to the Explorer mode.

I wanted to share some thoughts about countries that, in my opinion, are worth staying in this mode: Greenland, India and Mongolia. Those countries have a very poor Street View coverage, and makes the game almost unplayable in many aspects.

Greenland often has the same road repeated multiple times in a single game due to limited coverage and many un-guessable boat views. Mongolia has way too much un-guessable locations (lost in the middle of nowhere without clues and usually limited navigation). India is basically just learning temples and photospheres.

In the end, players are just playing them again and again until they get 5 repeated locations they can remember to achieve the gold medal. This is really bad game design when you have to keep retrying until you learn the locations by heart instead of actually playing the game (moving around to look for clues). It creates a frustrating game experience.

In my opinion those three maps should be removed from Explorer mode. Instead, many other countries would deserve a map in Explorer mode: Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Austria, Andorra, San Marino, Jordan, UAE, Tunisia, Ghana, eSwatini, Uganda, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Vietnam, Laos, Kyrgyzstan... Those countries will completely replace the 3 bad maps without any problem. You should implement them instead.



  • I agree with this sentiment, though I don't know if Laos has enough going for it.

    Which countries were added?
  • They added Lesotho, Czechia, Kenya, Guatemala and South Korea.
  • Laos has enough coverage, even if it's only in five cities or places. Around Vientiane there is plenty of coverage too.
  • Hey Mapper!

    Thanks for the suggestions. I get that some of them are not that fun to play. We are working on adding more, and hopefully we can launch new ones soon!


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