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Explorer Mode gold taken away

So I am 100% sure I played the Estonia map, and that I got a gold medal. Right now, it says that my best score is 0 points, instead of just the - like the countries I haven't played (Bulgaria, Faroe Islands). I've heard other people with the same complaint for Estonia and other countries (Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, e.g.). It makes me wonder whether other medals have been taken away that I forgot I had. What happened?



  • Hi,

    Can you send an email to with what medals you have not received but played and I can look further into it.

    Sometimes the reason they have not shown up is that the player has either played the map as a challenge or not gone into Explorer Mode -> Map.
  • Hi Filip,

    This issue has already been resolved. I posted in on here twice and you replied to the other (later) post.
    Thanks for replying anyway and have a nice day!
    Milbrandt 🦆

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