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Expanding player profiles

Hello, some small ideas I got to expand the player profile contents:
- adding a bio (it would be a description like for maps or leagues), it could be interesting for people who want to say more about themselves
- choosing which custom maps to display at the bottom (the profile displays 3 maps and a button "see all maps" but we can't select which maps will appear here)
- display badges earned by players, currently we have no way to see them
- display liked maps (even for ourselves, we can like maps but we can't see any list)

Small things that will make the profile page more useful and complete!
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  • Hi Mapper,

    we've added a 'highlight this map'-checkbox as a starter, it's not possible to order the maps but you can highlight 3 maps and have them show up first in your listing and on your profile page.

    Badges are also on the profile page and we have a page for your own liked maps (not others yet).

    Bio might come later, it's a bit trickier from a moderator/censor perspective..

    thanks for the feedback and keep it coming.

  • Thanks for the additions. And we can actually order the maps by using the highlight box since they keep the order even after disabling the highlight (it's just very unpractical but not surprising as it's not made for that).

    I would think the bio text field is the same than the map description text field, with the bad words automatically censored and a report button for bad / offensive texts. But I can understand your concerns.

    Just a thing about the map list (the private one: ) I think a compact view would be better, we don't need to see the picture neither the author as it's ourselves. This will reduce the page load as well.

    Still hoping for a way to import data in the map editor one day. Still no return about my suggestion...

  • Yes, bio would be really useful. I wanted to suggest it, but then I saw this post. I also find it annoying that I can't see other people's liked maps. Another thing that can't be seen is other people's full friends list. Right now, even if you click "Show all friends" it would only show the 6 friends that are already on top (the ones that are already seen before you click "Show all friends"). I think this is a bug actually. Also, the "Highlight map on profile page" is a pretty unclear description for that option in the map maker. In fact, I didn't know what it meant until I saw this post. I would just tick that option on all my maps, and that's not how it's supposed to work.

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