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Every geoguessr location is a black screen

This question has been asked a couple times before but, my case has never been solved. It's not that the location was deleted from google maps, it's that none of the locations work.

This started about 2 weeks ago, around the same time Twitter videos wouldn't play on their website. The problem for that was that flash wasn't enabled in my chrome settings, which is weird because having flash enabled wasn't an option, and websites haven't used flash for media playing in years.

I've even switched browsers, and still, no option in the settings for flash, and Geoguessr (and Twitter) still don't work. I've used chrome, firefox, edge, and even internet explorer, and now I'm using Brave, and it doesn't work. It doesn't even let me play on my mac! (I'm on windows by the way)

So yea I really need help fixing this. I love Geoguessr and I haven't played it in 2 weeks


  • Hi Jack,

    Thanks for the troubleshooting!

    Have you tried disabling hardware acceleration in the browser or tried changing the DNS-server to Googles?

    If the issue is still there on different devices or on different browsers we would need the following in order to look further into this:


    To capture:
    1. Open the game and start the recording (see HAR capture instructions)
    2. Reproduce the issue
    3. Stop the recording (see HAR capture instructions)
    4. Save the capture (see HAR capture instructions)

    Send us the HAR-capture to and we can have a further look.


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