Everything is EURO-Centric (EU, NA, SA, ) if not it goes to some Tourist city Asia.
Why not Namibia, Thailand, Bhutan, Nigeria,..
My Question:
when I create a quiz, do you add that to the list in the random locations? or only NA and EU residents get to choose the locations?
I do not want to go to EU (UK is EU). I want to see a place on Earth, and actually think about where it may be located.
Not another Obvious EU location again and again sometimes NA or SA. and then its Toursit Korea, Japan or Hong Kong.
did you see, everytime we go to the 3rd largest country on the planet, its always Hong Kong.

Mix it up, add more continents in an equal amount. not 80% EU / 20% NA,SA, Tourist Asia. Not everyone is Some white guy from England. Show us the Sahara. Show us Kinshasa. Show us Tibet.
Message me and I will make better maps between the geography classes i teach, and playing this amazing game of potential that excludes the majority of the world.

<3 love you
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  • You're asking something impossible: there is no Google Street View in Namibia, Tibet, Sahara, China, the Congos or most of Africa... and they can't do anything about that. The majority of the world is not available on Google Street View so it is also unavailable on GeoGuessr since the game uses Street View to work.

    If you have a pro subscription and want to make custom games for your students you can simply use the map maker in handpicking mode (not polygon) and select yourself the places you want. You can for example create a map with 5 locations to create a game (each game has 5 locations), create the challenge link to share to the students (I think challenge is what you call a quiz) then make another map (or edit the current map, it shouldn't affect the previously created challenges) and create another challenge etc.
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  • Not entirely accurate.  
    Plenty of available locations available in Africa. all over Bangladesh, even Ulaanbaatar has a city of available roads. All i am asking is to understand how the locations are chosen. Is it random? or is there some structure? Thailand is covered in roads, Cambodia, Indonesia, South Africa but 90 percent is EU. How does location placement/ choice work?

  • The official maps are made of a huge database of pre-selected locations all over the world. Sadly Google is very bad as providing tools to select locations so there is no a lot of choice other than brute-forcing random coordinates and hope to get valid locations. They can't do this every time someone starts a game so they must generate a huge database first.

    I guess they went country by country to get locations and since Europe has tons of them it is more likely to get it. Anyways official maps are known to not be the best and there are plenty of better world maps around that allow way much more diversity in locations.

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