Error when creating a new map

When I select my polygon, and hit save, it says "you must give your map a name, and have at least 5 locations"  I have named it and the area says it has 29,725 locations.
Please help.
Jonny Gibson


  • Be sure to have a polygon that doesn't cross the international date change line in the Pacific and that doesn't intersect itself.
  • Got it fixed ..
    I had created a working map, played a game on it to test it.
    Then I wanted to adjust the polygon slightly, but ended up deleting the map.
    I recreated the same map with a better polygon and same name.
    I changed the name and it saved ok.

    Jonny Gibson
  • I also get this message from time to time when I edit my maps (all my maps have handpicked locations). I just click the save button again whenever this happens. This worked fine for me so far.

    I don't know what's going wrong when you get this message. I guess it's a time out of the request.
    A European

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