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Endless Memory Buildup

I'm having this problem for a couple of months now and I hoped it would disappear with your new design but it didn't. So I'm using this opportunity now.

When I play Geoguessr my memory load goes up very quickly and it doesn't stop. If I had endless RAM it would go up endlessly. But of course I have not.
This makes it sheer impossible to play on my Laptop because it's maxing out very quickly. It only goes down again with reloading the whole page. When the game only loads the next location the memory usage stays full and continues to go up.

I'm not sure when this started happening. I played a lot when the game was new and never noticed any problems. But maybe I was just blind? But I should have noticed it earlier because it gets unplayable very quickly. So it must have started only after a while. A couple of months in maybe.

I made a few tests with Google Streetview on its own. And it doesn't happen there. I can use Streetview for hours without any problems. So it must be something inside Geoguessr itself.
Please help!

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  • Ah you probably want system infos too? Firefox 26.0 on Win 7 😀

  • Hey Tanja,

    Thanks for trying the beta and giving us such useful feedback!

    I just had a look at the memory profile of the beta. In webkit everything looks fine, the objects are garbage collected as expected. This might very well be a Firefox-specific issue. The application is for sure requiring quite a lot of memory (due to how street map is designed), but there should definitely be an upper limit.

    How do you measure the amount of memory being used? Just looking at how much memory the process is eating? Debugging the memory management in Firefox is quite painful, but I'll give it a try!

  • Same problem here, also on Firefox 26.0/Win 7. AVG pops up warning of excessive memory use by Firefox, and then the guessing map starts glitching out.

  • This was not an issue that appeared with the beta. I'm having it for a couple of months.
    So it's completely possible that it started with an Firefox Update. That would explain why I didn't have it when I started playing Geoguessr.
    I have always been using Firefox. Maybe it's easier to figure out if you know that one the versions before 26.0 didn't produce this problem.

  • "How do you measure the amount of memory being used? Just looking at how much memory the process is eating?"

    At the moment, yes. If you tell me what other stuff could help you, I'm happy to monitor other things on my system.

  • Hey thanks. Appreciate it. We might have further questions regarding this. Memory issues can be hard to debug due to their transient nature.

    We'll get back to you.

  • Just had to close GeoGuessr beta as it had caused Firefox (27.0, Windows 8.1) to use nearly 2GB more RAM. Ouch. Never had the problem on non-beta (although admittedly I haven't played it for couple of months).

  • I observed the same behavior using
    The interesting thing is when you are checking memory usage with "about:memory". So if I type "about:memory" into the location bar I get something like:

    433.26 MB (100.0%) -- explicit
    ├──119.84 MB (27.66%) ++ js-non-window
    ├──106.77 MB (24.64%) ++ window-objects
    ├───75.97 MB (17.53%) ── heap-unclassified
    ├───33.80 MB (07.80%) ++ heap-overhead
    ├───23.80 MB (05.49%) ++ add-ons
    ├───17.12 MB (03.95%) ++ storage
    ├───12.30 MB (02.84%) ++ (14 tiny)
    ├───12.01 MB (02.77%) ++ workers/workers()
    ├───11.46 MB (02.64%) ++ layout
    ├────7.72 MB (01.78%) ── atom-tables
    ├────7.49 MB (01.73%) ++ images
    └────4.99 MB (01.15%) ++ xpconnect

    after some moving in the geoguessr-website it looks like this:

    1,215.10 MB (100.0%) -- explicit
    ├────536.45 MB (44.15%) ── heap-unclassified
    ├────288.75 MB (23.76%) ++ images
    ├────159.71 MB (13.14%) ++ window-objects
    ├────114.80 MB (09.45%) ++ js-non-window
    ├─────45.44 MB (03.74%) ++ (18 tiny)
    ├─────28.17 MB (02.32%) ++ heap-overhead
    ├─────24.64 MB (02.03%) ++ add-ons
    └─────17.13 MB (01.41%) ++ storage

    after some time "images" goes a bit done, but "heap-unclassified" grows

    1,051.51 MB (100.0%) -- explicit
    ├────609.99 MB (58.01%) ── heap-unclassified
    ├────162.73 MB (15.48%) ++ window-objects
    ├────106.83 MB (10.16%) ++ js-non-window
    ├─────56.99 MB (05.42%) ++ images
    ├─────27.98 MB (02.66%) ++ heap-overhead
    ├─────24.54 MB (02.33%) ++ add-ons
    ├─────21.85 MB (02.08%) ++ (16 tiny)
    ├─────17.13 MB (01.63%) ++ storage
    ├─────12.02 MB (01.14%) ++ workers/workers()
    └─────11.46 MB (01.09%) ++ layout

    after closing the and waiting about 12 seconds the result is:

    539.45 MB (100.0%) -- explicit
    ├──190.36 MB (35.29%) ── heap-unclassified
    ├──107.01 MB (19.84%) ++ js-non-window
    ├───90.83 MB (16.84%) ++ window-objects
    ├───52.33 MB (09.70%) ++ heap-overhead
    ├───23.91 MB (04.43%) ++ add-ons
    ├───17.44 MB (03.23%) ++ storage
    ├───14.88 MB (02.76%) ++ (15 tiny)
    ├───13.00 MB (02.41%) ++ images
    ├───12.02 MB (02.23%) ++ workers/workers()
    ├───11.46 MB (02.12%) ++ layout
    └────6.20 MB (01.15%) ── atom-tables

    after waiting again 1 minute:

    376.03 MB (100.0%) -- explicit
    ├──106.60 MB (28.35%) ++ js-non-window
    ├───86.23 MB (22.93%) ++ window-objects
    ├───40.41 MB (10.75%) ++ heap-overhead
    ├───37.93 MB (10.09%) ── heap-unclassified
    ├───23.89 MB (06.35%) ++ add-ons
    ├───22.24 MB (05.92%) ++ workers/workers()
    ├───17.44 MB (04.64%) ++ storage
    ├───11.46 MB (03.05%) ++ layout
    ├───10.67 MB (02.84%) ++ (14 tiny)
    ├────8.02 MB (02.13%) ++ images
    ├────5.92 MB (01.57%) ── atom-tables
    └────5.22 MB (01.39%) ++ xpconnect

    So my conclusion is that the geoguessr-website uses a lot of the heap of the browser, for me it was firefox.
    Another interesting observation I made was that google-maps itself only uses ca. 100 MB within the plugin-container.exe no matter how long you use the street-view. By the way the usage of the firefox.exe does not significantly while using the google-maps-street-view. (I used the Windows Task Manager)

    So I think the implementation of geoguessr works differently than the google-maps-street-view.

    I hope this helps

    Regards jedet

  • Hey Jedet. Thanks for taking the time to provide us with more detailed info. It sure helps a lot! We've got some profiling ahead of us. The memory footprint and its (apparently abundant) growth over time needs to be adressed before we can consider promoting this version.

    Again, thanks!

  • Hi GeoGuessr-Team,

    I did again some data-collection. All data are attached in a excel-sheet. It also contains some charts. The unit is MB. All numbers are truncated to full values.

    All data was collected with 'about:memory' of firefox.

    'heap-unclassified', 'images' and '(xx tiny)' are the most biased memory components of firefox. The 'xx' in '(xx tiny)' means these are 2 digits between 10 and 20.
    '(xx tiny)' is normally between 2 and 7 MB and can jump up to 99 MB withing 3 minutes excessive arrow-keys-driving (moving with the arrow keys and not with the mouse).
    'images' is normally between 0 and 8 MB ad can jump up to 461 MB.
    'heap-unclassified' is the most interesting because it normally is between 14 and 19 MB and can jump to 2054 MB.

    Another interesting observation I made, was that the memory usage of firefox did not exceed 1100 KB (measured with Windows Task Manager) when I was driving somewhere with bad image quality. I think it was in South Dakota in USA. The second time I found a place with bad quality I was in Iowa and the memory usage of firefox did not exceed 1300 KB (measured with Windows Task Manager). Interesting is that 'heap-unclassified' and 'images' don't grow linear and 'window-objects' grows from 80 MB to 250 MB.

    Yet another thing I observed was that the downloads many images but also js-files. I used the 'Network'-tab of 'Web Developer' which can be activated like this: Menu-Bar->Tools->Web Developer->Network. Shortcut: Strg+Shift+Q.

    I hope this helps. I would have liked to look deeper into the memory issue, but was not able to use DMD within this short time frame.

    Best regards


    Attached file:

  • By the way, I tested the memory usage of the within chrome and did not observe higher values than 250 MB.
    So it seems to be a problem of firefox as Jesper wrote.

    Best regards


  • I'm so glad there are now so many people helping with this problem. People that have a little more knowledge of this then I.
    I really hope you can fix this somehow, it would be great to be able to play with the browser of my choice again.

  • Still a problem :/ Crashed Firefox because the memory usage got too high.

  • This appears to still be an issue, running Firefox 27.

    James T. Vhott
  • I have the same problem. I'm on Firefox 28 & Windows 7 Professional SP1.

    The memory problem is related to moving locations in the Geoguessr window.

    If I do not move from the original starting point I can play the game for hours. As soon as I start moving around to discover where I am It will eventually lock up. It is as if each move gobbles up a certain amount of RAM and doesn't release it until Firefox restarts. Because of this, sometimes I just play the game that I have to guess the location without moving around or within 1 or 2 movements.

    Great game BTW!

  • I've done some more digging, and I got some good news and some bad news.

    The bad news is that the problem seems to be related to the streetview implementation. The same characteristics appear on the old GeoGuessr site as well as on Google's own examples. Not sure that there's much we can do, we pretty much depend on Google to resolve it.

    The good news is that we just released a resume-game feature. If your browser crashes, you can now resume the very same game by simply opening the website again. It's not a perfect solution, but it's better than nothing.


  • Jepser, please consider reporting a bug in Firefox. I understand you can do nothing about implementation of Google StreetView, so please, report a bug to Firefox team so they could fix it on their side. You can report the bug here:


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