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End round automatically when someone gets "bulls eye".

The round should immediately once a player manages to place a bulls eye circle correctly. The maximum score for the round has been achieved - there is no reason for the round to remain active.
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  • Hi,

    Yes it should end automatically when someone gets Bulls-Eye. If that is not the case, send over the URL to the game and we can have a further look šŸ‘
  • Thanks for the very quick reply! Here for example:Ā Other guesses could still be made after a correct bulls-eye guess.
    Suggestion Giver
  • Thanks, will raise it to the team to look further into šŸ˜€

    Feel free to share the URL within the game again in case it happens and will add it to the ticket.
  • Was this change recently made? Starting last week our Bullseye games end as soon as one person gets the bulleye correct, no matter who has guessed or not. We liked the ability all make a guess and see who can get the closest to the flag. Rather than forcing the change, can we at least get the option to end immediately or not?
  • Hi,

    This change has been implemented recently by feedback from the community. We are currently going to test this way of playing bullseye. If we see that there are a lot of request in a change we will consider it.

  • Hello admin, Your posts are always informative and well-explained.
    Lionel Troy
  • Hey there,
    Any chance of having a "classic Bullseye" or turning this setting off?
    I liked playing this with friends and having a go at getting closer to the bullseye when wew guess correctly.

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