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Eight Quality of Life features I would love to see added to Geoguessr.

1. Allow map makers to remove cheater scores from their own maps' leader-boards. In another thread you guys made clear that this is done every day on official maps already. Just give map makers the same options. This would help improve competition on unofficial maps, like ADW and ACW. These are very popular in the community.

2. Implement no moving for champion rank duels. Literally any champion player would advocate for this change. It would get rid of any googlers in the top ranks and improve overall competition between champion ranked players.

3. Allow longer text messages in chat. Sometimes I am typing a message and im hitting a character limit that i didn't even know existed. The chat box doesn't stop you from typing and you only find out half your message is missing AFTER you sent it and it cuts off in the middle of a sentence.

4. Implement marker grouping in the map maker. Map makers use external tools for making maps, and only use the official tools at the very end to upload and publish the map. When a, for example, AI generated map with tens of thousands of locations, gets imported in the official map maker, your browser starts lagging due to all the pins. Just make them group, you can look at tools like for an example implementation of this.

5. Allow map makers to test-play their maps before publishing. Currently, the only way to play a map, is to publish it and go to its /maps/ID URL. Before this is done, there is no way for a map maker to play-test their own map, which is pretty dumb

6. Allow newlines in map descriptions. I don't quite understand why this is not already a thing? Newlines are not saved in the map description, not even a "\n" works. You are forced to have a clunky block of text as a description.

7. I don't know if this is feasible due to your apparently strict policy regarding user uploaded images, but it would be INCREDIBLY nice to be able to pick your own map avatar, instead of choosing from the handful of possible combinations right now. At LEAST add more map avatar customization possibilities.

8. Add a map selector to the streaks game-mode. Currently, every player who wants to play streak games on anything but the world map, uses external plugins. This game-mode could be improved so much by adding this functionality. I can see how disputed territories could be an issue though, just keep to the UN members list and be done with it, no-one cares.

That's about it, my 8 cents contributed.


  • Totally agreee with all your points!

    I'd like to add that number 2 should not just be for people who grind the game. I'd love to have that feature too, it's fun and useful. Googlers ruin the game and having this mode would not only remove cheaters but also make silver/golds better at the game. It's a win/win.
    Tommy the Ordnance Surveyor
  • #6 is more annoying than it should be.
  • Thanks for the feedback, great suggestions!

    I have compiled this and forwarded it to the team.

    Have a great day!

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