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Education Versus Pro

I am blocked out of puzzles and being prompted to upgrade to Pro. When I try to do that it says that I already have an Education account, so I can't have a Pro account. I am just trying to use the puzzles that I actually made myself, or to do any of the normal puzzles with my students on the board, but it prompts me to pay even though I have an Education account. Since Education is more expensive, can these features be combined at all?
I am asking before deleting my Education account, I don't know what else to do since I can't seem to do any of the puzzles with my class at all. I just keep getting the pro prompt. Thank you!


  • Hi,

    At the moment the two subscription-types cannot be combined on the same account. But hopefully in the future we can combine them or expand the Edu-part.

    Although you can still use your own Maps if you create an Assignment by Searching for them:



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