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Duplicate charges and charges after subscription cancelled

I'm looking to share my experience not with GeoGuessr, which has been a fantastic game and had helpful support staff, but with Paddle - the company through which GeoGuessr subscriptions are paid. Unfortunately, this hurts the reputation of GeoGuessr as well. I think this is valuable feedback for the owners of GeoGuessr to hear and may impact their engagement with Paddle.

After cancelling my GeoGuessr Pro membership, Paddle has continued to charge my account every month - something I didn't realise until 2-3 months afterwards. Further to this, after changing my payment method from card to PayPal, Paddle continued to charge monthly payments to both my card and PayPal account - something I only noticed a year later.

I reached out to GeoGuessr support who referred me on to Paddle, as GeoGuessr does not handle the financial side of the subscriptions (for the support staff, I will be forwarding on a copy of the email chain between Paddle and I for reference, any help that you may be able to give would be hugely appreciated). I have been using Paddle's support and emailing them directly for around a month now. The company seemingly cannot find these charges in their financial system and refuses to acknowledge any wrong doing and I am yet to receive a refund. To add insult to injury, after being assured that I "won't get charged again in the future", my card was again charged by Paddle only 19 days later.

To me, this is a gross misuse of financial information and reveals how poorly set up the company is to handle financial information, subscriptions, and service support requests; let alone keep a log of their company's activity. These are cornerstones of a company whose sole purpose is to resell software and manage the payment of subscriptions.

My intention here is twofold:

First, to let GeoGuessr know just how bad their payment management company actually is and how it is seriously negatively impacting their reputation - I will never again purchase a GeoGuessr subscription and have been actively advising my friends to avoid purchasing one as well.

Second, to let others in the GeoGuessr community know that your subscriptions and financial details are in the hands of Paddle; a company that mishandles your information, can continue to charge you after you cancel your subscription, and will refuse to refund you. They are also likely a foreign company depending on where you live, which makes disputes like this harder to deal with.

I would like to end by saying this is incredibly unfortunate for the game developers, who have created a fantastic game, the success of which is being completely undone by their choice of payment provider, which is ultimately still a problem that lies with GeoGuessr at its root.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for reaching out! I have answered your email and we will follow up to get this resolved as soon as possible.


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