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Duos in Battle Royale

I'm not sure if you guys are working in something like this, or if it has been suggested already, but I feel like the natural improvement to the battle royale mode is a Duo mode.

What I can imagine that could work is something like:

- You can invite a friend to the party and then search for a Duo game, or just play with a random person (matchmaking);
- Maybe 14 or 16 players (7 or 8 duos) would be good enough;
- Both of the players can walk, in the same map of course, maybe in different directions, making the game more dynamic;
- Once a player guesses a country, a pop-up a window appears on the side of the screen to the Duo showing something like: "[PLAYER NAME] suggested [COUNTRY NAME]" and then we have the country flag and "Accept" or "Deny" suggestion;
- The player suggestion could have a timer, if the duo doesn't accept or deny it, the suggestion is accepted. Also, if someone suggests a country and the "yellow timer" finishes, it also auto-accept the suggestion;
- We still have 3 guesses, shared for both players;
- The 50/50 functionality shows for which country your duo voted. If each player selects a diferent country, it goes random;

The base game would be something like this, in my mind. Would be cool to show more ideas about this game mode if you guys want.

Cheers from Brazil,


  • Hi Mateus!

    Thanks a lot for this suggestion. That would be really cool actually.

    I have sent this on already to the rest of the team 😀

    Let me know if you have any further suggestions!

  • gg
  • ahoj

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