Duels Map Issues

I've been running into tons of issues in Duels where, after the first round, my map loads in black, then the first move I make puts me on the last round's map, thus making it a completely random guess for (I presume) both players. And sometimes, even when a new map loads, the first move sometimes puts me back on the first round's map. This is extremely frustrating and has cost me several possible wins. Nearly every duel I take part in has at least one of these rounds, and sometimes all of the rounds are this terribly ruined. Please address this ASAP or remove duels until you can fix them. It's ruining the competitive scene entirely and makes me want to cancel my subscription.


  • Hi,

    Yes we are aware of the issues and we did a job yesterday that we hope resolved Battle Royale, we are also running a job that removes these black screens (Which the issue derives from).

    In case you can send in the link to the game it has happened in as well as the round to subscription@geoguessr.com that would be great.

    Thanks in advance

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