Drop-down menu for map makers?

I love to make different kinds of maps, and sometimes when I'm working on a map about (for example) European cities I happen to run into a location that would fit perfectly in one of my other maps. To add this location to the other map I have to open it in Map Maker in a separate tab and then search up the location there and then find the exact location on Streetview/photosphere. That can sometimes be hard, especially if all the nearby towns got special characters.
This is a bit annoying, to be honest.

Couldn't there be some kind of function so I could easily add locations to my map about lakes even though I'm currently having my map about European cites open?
I made an example with a "drop-down menu" where you possibly could decide which map you want the location to be added to. And then when you click save the location saves to the map you picked. The example: https://prnt.sc/we1xq9

This could probably be done way better, but it's just a suggestion I feel really would help mapmakers!


  • Hi Dan,

    Thats a cool feature for sure and would help. I have sent it on to the rest of the team!


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