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'Driving Car' Version of GeoGuessr?

One of the drawbacks of GeoGuessr is that movement is too slow. Is there a way to implement movement as a 'driving car'? Such would be that movement would keep initiating forward down the road without any user clicking or involvement (the car would just be driving forward at a certain speed). But just like with car controls, one could apply brake to slow down or to completely stop and look around.  Perhaps one could even apply more gas to speed up. I think it would be a more convenient mode for moving faster in general and less clumsy, inconvenient or annoying. Much faster!


  • You can use the AutoClicker by (It's free as trial and then 5$ lifetime I think).

    I set different speed intervals at 700ms (very fast and you miss signs a lot), 1200ms and 2500ms (better in cities or high sign density places)

    The only downside is that you still need to place the mouse on the road because it just auto clicks and not auto moves on street view.

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