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Does Geoguessr not accept prepaid cards?

I have tried using a prepaid Visa multiple times now. I keep getting the message, "your card does not support this type of purchase". I have no problems using it to pay for sites like Sporcle or ArmorGames. I also attached it to a PayPal account, but still could not get my purchase to go through. If you do not accept a prepaid Visa, may I ask why? Payment is payment, right? If the card is prepaid, the money is guaranteed to be there. From some of the posts on here, I am really wondering if prepaid is not accepted, because Geoguessr wants access to credit cards that they can continue to charge, even after a subscription has been cancelled. Anyway, I played on here several years back before there was a charge to play unlimited, and was more than willing to pay for the service to play again. I was actually going to purchase a subscription for myself, my girlfriend, and a friend. If I can't do this with a prepaid card, I guess I'll just cancel this account and forget about this site.


  • Hi KLC2HBK,

    Sorry for your bad experience. I don't know why a prepaid card wouldn't work, it's definitely not an active choice by us. I've checked with our pay provider Stripe and prepaid cards should work fine.

    I found your payment in their system and all I can see is this

    The card has been declined for an unknown reason.
    The customer needs to contact their card issuer for more information.

    I've started a Pro subscription for you with a 30-day trial period as a compensation. If you have the possibility to contact the credit card issuer and figure out why the payment was declined I would be really grateful.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Same with me, I tried using the "monthly" option and it won't accept my card. It just tells me my purchase was denied.
  • Yah it doesn't allow me to use my prepaid card which is unfortunate
    Brandon Bastos
  • Hi,

    If you send a email to with what subscription-type you want to sign up for and what currency you prefer I can help start one from my end.

  • ga je shit fixen jonge balhaar
  • jullie maken duizenden euros op dit schijt spel en alsnog maak je het niet toegankelijk voor een groot deel uit europa


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