does country streak have a difficulty curve?

My coworkers and I have been playing geoguessr as a sort of party game during the pandemic. We love the new mode!

However, when we first played it, we largely got more urban and more populated areas with lots of clues, with the very occasional remote location. Right around the time we got a streak of 30+, we noticed that any new game we start consists of exclusively remote rural, jungle, dessert, etc. locations with little to no clues at all, requiring over an hour of clicking through a single dirt road in order to get anywhere.

Is this expected? Are we just getting extremely unlucky with every game we play (we've started at least a dozen games since, and they all exhibit these exclusively remote locations)? Is there a difficulty curve in the location selection and we just passed the limit at which the algorithm returns urban points? Can this difficulty be tweaked by users? Being stuck to only remote locations makes the game lose its appeal as a party game.

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