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Do you vett your locations?

Just got dropped off in a battle royale game outside of a bin with a swastika graffiti on it. Tried clicking the “report a problem” button (which is TINY and I’m using the iOS app) and it just kept thinking I was pressing the guess button. It was in Bulgaria somewhere.
Really this needs to be removed, it’s not an appropriate location to be dropped in. You also need to fix your “report a problem” button and make it so it’s actually pressable, not hidden in the corner.


  • How do you want them to know a partially washed out nazi symbol is drawn on a garbage bin (whoever drew it couldn't choose a better place btw)? There is no way, also they do not select locations manually so it's even less possible.

    GeoGuessr can't do anything about it, it's up to Google to censor it. The report button is from Google and I think its position can't be changed. The only way is to find this place on Google Maps and report it from there. But honestly for this kind of thing it's not really necessary, it's barely visible and will not be visible anymore once Google updates imagery (they do a lot of updates in Bulgaria right now).

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