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Do not "Publish" Maps after saving

So I'm making a custom map that has over 1000 locations. Of course I'm making this map on different days and in stages, adding more and more locations and saving it.
In the meanwhile my map is "Unpublished" so I can keep editing it and saving it.

However I was told that once I click "Publish" now it wont show as "New maps"

I also just tested it with a map I had for testing, I published it after been as "Unpublished" for a few days, and it doesn't show up as "New maps"

I believe this would actually be easily fixable, just by making the "Save Map" button, would actually do just that "Save the Map" and no "Save and publish"

Something just feels wrong that after taking days making a map with over 1000 locations, it wont get the exposure at least among the New Maps so people knows about it.

Again, hopefully you could implement some change for this and I think the "Just Save" is the perfect solution, and don't publish the map until I actually click "Publish"

Thanks a lot.


  • Hi,

    Thanks for the feedback! I think the reason is that people forgot to publish the map and thought it was an extra unnecessary step to have to publish it also. And I guess a lot of users don't put as much time as you into their maps and don't care..

    A solution could be to have a 'also publish' checkbox when saving that's default checked?

    We are working on new ways to expose good users maps as well.

  • hi I agree about this. sometimes we dont want the map to be seen and it is easy to forget to unpublish it as soon as possible after the first save!

    checkbox can be good I guess

    btw did you see this suggestion  that would be nice , i was disapointed a bit when i found we had no way to import location and polygon offers no control to selected places. thank you
  • Hi, yes I've seen it and agree it's an interesting idea we haven't thought of at all. We're discussing it and will prioritise it against everything else we also want to do 😀

  • Yes having a check box would be great and work perfectly for both cases, those who want it to be publiched right away and those who preffer to wait.

    Nice yo hear that you also working on a better way to expose good maps, that sounds interesting.

  • Hi,

    We've added a publish checkbox now on the map editor page. You'll notice more changes regarding exposing maps in the coming weeks.
    Hope that helps!

  • From a quick test, it seems that unpublished maps are buried and do not show up at the top of "New Maps" once published.
  • I confirm: I created a test map today 5 hours ago. I saved it without checking the publish box. I just edited it again and this time I checked the publish box to see if it would indeed become visible in new maps. While it was, many other maps that were created in the meanwhile were displayed before, so my map would never get the chance to appear on the front page.

    The new map list seems to use the timestamp of the first save to sort the maps. Instead, it should use another timestamp when we publish it for the first time.
  • Yes I tested it today also. I didn't publish the map when saved, but later on when I finally published it wasn't top on the list, but it was mixed among the maps that were published earlier.

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