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Distance battle royale - suggestions for "5k" scores

Hello developers!

I have to say that you have really outdone yourselves once again with your new BR gamemode. What an amazing idea!

I have one small suggestion that I think could be of value. To emphasise the accuracy aspect of the gamemode and to motivate people to find the exact location, it would be cool if, whenever a player guesses within a certain parameter (something like the parameter for getting a 5k on the World map), the player would receive an additional guess as a reward.

Another idea would be that, if a player achieves such a "perfect score", an icon will appear next to their name on the right, telling the other players that they have achieved this.

Finally, it may beneficial for the gamemode to make it so that every player who achieves such a "perfect score" automatically advances to the next round. This would again motivate people to pinpoint the exact location and would also reward all those players for their good guesses.

I would appreciate it if you would consider these suggestions.

Thanks again!
Suggestion Giver


  • Hi!

    Thanks for the suggestions! That would be cool to have even more additional bonus-parameters in the game. I have raised this to the gang so lets see what we can add down the line 😀


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