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Distance battle royal number of guesses


First of all I want to say that I really think that distance BR is a great idea and I really like playing it.

What I find a bit annoying is that in the end people usually remain with 10+ guesses and it doesnt really make sense as you will not have enough time to spam these guesses anyway.

Maybe it would make sense to have a limited nr. of guesses per round like 3, this would also help when you are in a very small country like Singapore were it would make sense to start exploring around and really go for that 5K guess instead of just plonking 10 times and hope for the best.

Another suggestion I have is to introduce NM/NMPZ modes on BR, I know that it would address a niche segment of the user base but some of us more invested in the game would definitely enjoy it.

Keep up the good work!



  • Hi,

    Thanks for the suggestions! I have relayed it on to the team.

    NM/NMPZ is also something we have gotten from the community, so hopefully its a setting we can add along the way in the different game modes!


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