Displaying map in Battle royale

In Battle royal modes, when you make a good guess, you still can move on the roads but you can't see the map again (unless you don't click on any button after your guess).
It's a shame because these game modes are very long (especially the BR distance) and it would be interesting to look at the map, the exact location, etc. waiting for the end of the round.
I hope you could add it!
Thanks for your work.


  • Hiya!

    That is intended from our side that the map is not available after a guess, so that will most likely not be added. The location is still there in between rounds of course.
  • Thanks for your answer!
    I am curious: why this choice if it's intended? I'm seeing the pros of showing the map (it lets the players "work" their geoguessr knowledge between each round), but not the cons.

    I'm just speaking about me, but I quite stop playing BR distance because it's too long, with too much waiting moments, I'm sure that with the map I would play a little bit more.

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