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Display map name while playing

Dear Team,
pleases add the currently played map name on screen, a good place for it would be the black Header with GeoGuessr logo on the left. Sometimes it is easy to forget what kind of map you are playing and this could help a lot.
Pedro de Cajón Report inappropriate content


  • This would be interesting indeed.
    When I watch someone stream Geoguessr on Twitch it's always a bit annoying not to instantly see (having to ask the streamer) what map he plays. So I think it would make Geoguessr more viewer friendly in that regard.
  • Dear GeoGuessr Team,
    Thank you for that feature!
    I thought about using the left side of the black header around the Logo, but your approach look also OK.
    Many thanks!
    Pedro de Cajón
  • thank you for the suggestion!


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