Disconnects, missing packets?

Since the new design has been rolled out, the game keeps behaving strangely:
1) Clicking GUESS in map mode sometimes does nothing until I refresh the page. This never happened before, now it happens about 10% of the time.
2) Map just does not appear. The map frame zooms out but it's totally empty. I scan still guess but it's gonna be a blind guess. Happened in several games, especially in BR, causing lost games.
3) BR sometimes just drops out and ofc I lose the game. Like BR wasn't bad enough when it works properly πŸ˜€


  • Hi,

    Can you provide some URLs to the Games you have experienced this in?

    Have you tried some troubleshooting and see if it works better or not? Another browser or device (if possible).

  • Actually EVERYTIME when I fail in solo country streaks mode, the result page does NOT appear until I refresh.
  • Same thing in map mode, f.e. playing no move Diverse World - summary never shows up until page refresh.
  • Strange, and its the same if you try other browsers as well? I have tried replicating but works for me. What device/browser are you using? And would you mind me trying to play a Map on your account to test it?
  • Windows 10, Chrome. Latest 3 ADW games ended properly - no refresh needed. Before that, every game ended improperly. Maybe someone in the team is working on it? πŸ˜€
    Profile is Chimera
  • Thanks! We are working on a little bit of everything atm! I will try replicating this issue!
  • Streaks also end properly now. Surely somebody fixed something.
  • Great, let me know if you experience any further issues. Have tried from my end, but have not been able to replicate it.

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