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Disconnecting Facebook

Hello, I've been using Facebook to sign into my Pro account, but want to delete my profile (fb that is), is there a way to disconnect my geoguessr account from my facebook?
Thank you in advance


  • Hi evan,

    I'm sure we can sort that out, what's your geoguessr nickname?

  • I believe I figured it out. By sending a password reset to the old email that was my primary on Facebook and then following the steps I was able to set a new password and log in that way.
    Thanks for the quick reply!
  • I suppose my follow-up question would be: Is there a way to update my account so I can log in with my current email?
    My nickname is "nallimcame"
  • Looks like it was answered already, I sent you a message from my current email Mikael.
  • I've the same request, for my nickname "Lord Francillon", where can I write to ask ?
    Christophe Francillon
  • I have removed the Facebook-connection.
  • Thanks, but how can i set a new password ?

    The page ask me the current but i don't have one
    Christophe Francillon
  • Filip
  • Yes, thanks.
    Christophe Francillon

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