Differentiate ratings between competitive game modes / duels matchmaking improvement


This is a suggestion to change the rating system in order to improve the matchmaking in competitive playing.

Essentially, it means that every game mode will have a separate rating and therefore a separate pool. This is useful in my opinion because players may not have the same skill in all three game modes, as they are quite different from each other.
Let's take myself as example:
- BR Countries: I'm about 870 (master)
- BR Distance: I'm about 770 (gold)
- Duels: I'm about 810 (gold)

Now let's consider I register for the season league. Points are assigned based on my division (higher division higher points). This means that in order to gain more points it is better if I start at master division rating and play the two BR modes.
When it comes to duels, if I'm still in the master division, I can be paired with players up to the champions division (1200+ rating).

While this is not a great deal in BR, where players have multiple guesses in up to one minute of time, in duels this is a huge problem because it is notorious that 1200 rated players are exceptionally good at guessing the right region of a country in a few seconds.

On a second note, it would be great and fair if the matchmaking would be changed so that champions division players would be paired against players rated from, let's say, 950 or 1000, which is still in the master division.
Because I get that champions pool is clearly smaller than the other ones, as there are definitely less players, but let's make it fair for everyone.

With separate ratings and pools and an improved matchmaking a pairing of a 851 vs a 1200+ will certainly be avoided.



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