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Did I sign up for a subscription or a 10-day trial?

I was playing free as a guest user without registering as a member.  Then I got a subscription advertisement and clicked "try free for 10 days".  When I pressed "sign up now", I got to the login screen, and when I pressed the green "sign up" button, it said "That does not look like a valid email address."  I haven't created an account and haven't registered a credit card. Did I sign up for a subscription or a 10-day trial?  Will I be charged for the money?


  • PS: The next day I created an account as a free member.  (I haven't registered my credit card, and I haven't applied for a trial subscription.)
  • Without account you can't sign up.

    With an account, if you sign up with the plans that do not use Paypal, you'll get 10 free days before the actual subscription automatically starts and charges you. You need to cancel before if you don't want to be charged.
  • Thanks,sir.
    I made an account this morning.
    When I look at my account page, it says that I don't have a subscription (as in the image).
    You said "you need to cancel" but I don't know what to cancel.
    Will I be charged if I let it go?
    I'm sorry ask you many times.

  • No problem, better asking than staying in the dark.

    If you just made an account, you do not have any subscription by default. Your picture shows that indeed you're without any subscription.

    If you want one, you click on "upgrade to pro" and select either the monthly or yearly subscription that does not use PayPal. PayPal plan immediately charges you because this plan goes through PayPal which will take the money directly, when the two other plans will just ask your card information to charge later.

    If you just want to try with the free trial, take the monthly plan. Then you'll have a "cancel subscription" button in your profile settings. Just cancel it before the 10th day. If you don't cancel it, then it will charge you after the 10 days.
  • Thank you very much, sir !!
    I got it! ;))

    To tell you the truth, I'm not an English speaker, so I was in trouble because I couldn't understand the page about subscriptions well.

    But I understand because you helped me!
    Next time I play GeoGuessr with my sister, I’ll try a 10-day trial!

    You are a really kind person!
    Good luck to you!!;))

    Take care,Bro.

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