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Deleting Pro Maps

I know you can unpublish pro maps, but is it possible for you guys to implement a delete button. I have made plenty of pro maps I'm no longer interested in keeping, and it's making it hard to find those that I still want since under the "My Maps" tab is so cluttered.

Adam Rusak


  • Hi Adam,

    Sorry for the late reply.. And thanks for the suggestion, we haven't thought about it until we read this. I've put it in our backlog so hopefully we have a delete button soon and maybe a way to filter your own maps by publish/unpublished and searching etc. We have some new stuff coming out soon so stay tuned!

    Thanks for playing and helping us improve the game!


  • Hello, any news about deleting maps? Thanks.
  • For the last 4 days every time I try to open Geoguessr I get only a black screen, though with the navigation tools & the earth map showing.  I thought it must be something askew in my computer, but I've tried clearing caches & browser stuff to no avail.  Any suggestions, please!

    thanks,  HS
    Harvey Schmidt
  • Hi guys

    @KillerMapper: At the moment we unfortunately have no new updates regarding this. We still have this on our todo-list but have had to prioritize other more urgent issues. We do intend to add this in the future though.

    @HS: That is weird! Does this happen regardless of which map you are playing? Could you please also try to start the game in incognito mode and see if that changes anything?


    Hope this works for anyone using Firefox.
    harvey schmidt
  • Hi Harvey

    Sorry for the late reply! If you're still having these kind of problem please try to disable hardware acceleration in your browser and see if that resolves the issue.

  • Hi,

    To bump this old thread, it's possible to delete a map, there's a delete button on the map edit page<id>

  • Wow, that was indeed old. Better late than never :p Thank you.
  • did you actually remove the delete button again? I can't find it anywhere...
  • yep, good catch, we must have missed it when we released the new version a couple of weeks ago.

    I'll add a ticket to put it back, sorry..


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