Dark screen covering the game

Hi there,

As of recently, when playing Battle Royale Countries, half the round shows a covered dark screen. Upon loading the location, when using a 50/50, whenever I guess correctly as well as upon victory the background is black.

It never was like this before and it's rather disruptive, especially when others also guess quickly.
Any reason for this?

Thanks in advance!



  • Hi,

    Its because before one could see the next location before the round started. So that is why it has been darkened. Can always click spectate of course if you want to move around after you have qualified.
  • Technically everyone gets to see the same faded screen upon 'Get Ready', whether they're able to recognise it that way however depends on their level of knowledge or feel for the environment.
    I guess it makes sense for this period not to be taken into account as it's essentially addional time for the keen player, ignoring the initial phase of guessing (locking).

    What about the other instances though?
    - 50/50 Selection
    - Correct guess
    - Winning the game

    A blurry and faded screen upon correctly guessing and winning the game don't seem to harm anyone, as, after all, the round/game is already over for you. Keeps you more in the game, rather than directing you away to look at a dark, impersonal 'wall'.

    One might give the argument that, with all the screens evenly dark, they're in line and result in a coherent and consistent overlay, but in the last 2-3 instances however it adds up to too much darkness which exceeds the definition of a pleasant overlay - to me at least.

    Could always fade in the darkness whenever a new round is initiated, darkening one's screen after the previous round (result).

    The question's rather turned into a suggestion or feedback at this point :P
  • The easiest fix upon that exposure of seeing the next panorama was to darken it (Which affects all other states as well and not just one particular one). Thanks for the feedback though! Will see if we sort it out that each state is different tech-wise in the future. 🙂
  • Ah, never knew they weren't individually linked - good to know 👍

    Hopeful to see what you and the team come up with!

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