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Daily free country streak game lost to San Marino when I guessed Italy

Hi there Geoguessr Support,
This morning at approximately 11am, I logged onto Geoguessr aiming to complete my daily free country streak, which I have integrated into my daily routine. When the location pin dropped, I noticed that the native signs were all written in Italian. I thought to myself, full of hope and prospect 'This must be Italy!'. However, much to my dismay, when I clicked on Italy on the Geoguessr Mini Map, the following screen appeared.

Personally, and I know many other would agree, I do not believe that 'San Marino' is integrally different enough to Italy to constitute its own country. I cannot even begin to articulate my disappointment at not even being able to begin my Country Streak game due to this error on your end. Would it be possible for you to merge Italy and San Marino within in the game, or reimburse me for my disappointment (ie. A week's worth of Geoguessr Pro). I look forward to your response,

DW <3



  • Hi Danielle,

    We are not able to Merge countries together that are separate. But we can of course revive the streak so you can continue on it as shown in this article.

    Can you provide the Game-ID? It is the URL of a game and can be found under Activities.

  • Hi there,

    Thank you for your fast response. I appreciate that you cannot merge Italy and San Marino as they are both technically acknowledged as separate countries, and your game prides itself on geographical accuracy. However I do think that the two should not co-exist within Geoguessr, particularly as San Marino is inside Italy; it's simply too confusing. For this reason, I propose that instead, rather than merge San Marino with Italy, it is removed from the game entirely to avoid further confusion at the players expense.

    I promise San Marino will not be missed, as it is practically indistinguishable from Italy.

    Thank you kindly for your consideration
  • Thanks for the feedback but we do not have any plans of removing countries.

    As I said I can revive the streak so you can continue on it, but in order for me to do that I would need the Game-ID. It is the URL of a game and can be found under Activities.

  • Hi Filip from Geoguessr,

    Thank you for your consideration in this issue.

    I understand that I may have been too ambitious with my request to eliminate San Marino from the Geoguessr map; I'm sure it's a beautiful country, in spite of my personal belief that its place in Geoguessr is unfounded. I apologise if I came across overly passionate, and I will still be continuing to play and enjoy Geoguessr.

    As for reviving my game, I was unlucky in coming across this mishap in the first round, and therefore did not get a chance to develop a win streak. Considering this, I don't find it necessary to continue the game and will try again tomorrow.

    DW <3
  • I have sorted so you can play another game either way.


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