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Daily Challenge Timer Alert

After a few times where I timed out on a Daily Challenge location because I was too busy scanning the map to notice time was running down, I wish there was some sort of audible notice that I was running out of time. Ten second countdown, a bell at 30 seconds, something. Maybe enabled via a checkbox next to the timer, since I'm assuming some people won't want any sound when playing.


  • Agree!  I don't know what the limit is, seems to be about 4 minutes before you get zero for that round.  A warning would be nice, to keep that from happening.
  • Remember that you can place a pin on the map and it will be automatically be used as your guess when the timer runs out. So when you start a round, just drop it somewhere, and then replace it more accurately while you're getting new clues. Still better than nothing.
  • Thanks for the suggestion, something to highlight the timer when it runs out could definitely help. I'll look into it!

  • One solution would be to add a pulsating red dot at the timer at 10 seconds. Also a pulsating yellow dot at 30 seconds. The red dot would pulsate more than the yellow. It could be done even without sound. The pulsating dot would be apparent enough. Or just changing the colour of the numbers and making them pulse or have some effect.
  • +1
    it's very frustrating to forget to make a guess and not have a reminder when time runs out.

    Stefan Gheorghe
  • I agree.  All modes should have a timer end warning.  Or at least a setting we can choose to enable that warning.  This is especially a problem in leagues where the timer may be 1:30.  If I'm used to playing 3 minute rounds, I end up missing some guesses.  Would really appreciate a warning in all modes.

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