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Daily Challenge Streak bug

My daily challenge overview is showing scores for the 14th through 20th of this month, but is also saying "1 days played in a row". It was saying 2 days played in a row half an hour ago. Is there something weird with the calculation of this, as I've got scores for 7 games in a row!

Luke Lowrey


  • I'm having the same issue.
  • Hi,

    We are looking into this to see if its a time-zone issue that occurs when DC are played just when one day closes and another one begins.

    Thanks for reporting!
  • Just reporting that this is still a bug. I just played yesterday's daily challenge ( ), but at the very end of the 'day', but it says my streak has been broken, even though I now have Today's challenge still available to play?
  • Heyo! We are working on a fix for this, should be out shortly. Thanks for reporting 👍

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