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Daily Challenge: Show statistics instead of global top three after each round

Let's be honest: In the Daily Challenge, the first 3 persons always will have 5k points (either because they are good or because they cheated), so in my opinion, the leaderboard after each round doesn't really add a lot of valuable information. As a replacement, I would find it pretty interesting to see some statistics on how well people did in general. For example, imagine a graphical histogram which shows the percentage of people who reached a range of points. E.g. 0-100 points, 100-200 points, ..., 4900-5000 points. A little bad illustration of what I mean: (I suppose there will always be a peak for 5k points, since people cheat)
I would love to see that, since that way players could actually estimate how good they were in comparison to other players. Also, you could easily see whether the round was rather easy or more challenging for everyone else. Would love to read your opinion on this idea!


  • Hi!

    Thanks for the suggestion. I agree that this would be more fun to see. I have relayed it on to the team 😀

    We are working on a larger project when it comes to statistics so it will be improved at some point for all modes.


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