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Daily Challenge Ranking "Show More" button, etc.

For the past few days, the "Show more" button for Daily Challenge rankings is oddly at the top of the page, rather than at the end of the rankings. (At first I thought it was missing entirely, and I spent a while re-loading and searching.) After clicking, it appears on the bottom for ranks >51. This seems to be some sort of bug with its placement; it makes no sense at the top of the page.

Somewhat related: I've always found it annoying, by the way, that "show more" only gives 25 listings at a time, and that the rankings only go to 500. It's fun to see where you rank, along with other familiar names, and occasionally I'm out of the top 500.

What would be especially great would be a histogram of scores up to the present time, and a statement: your score is in the top X%. (My son and I calculate this ourselves sometimes, without the histogram.)

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