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Daily Challenge locations

It's a big big world. WHY DO WE HAVE TO VISIT RURAL FINLAND/SWEDEN/NORWAY SO OFTEN. (I wouldn't mind seeing less of Quebec and lower Texas either.) 
And today's daily challenge has a repeat of an exact location in a challenge a few weeks ago (a spot outside Redding, CA).
Are these randomly chosen?  Can the algorithm or whatever please add some variety to the mix??
Ms S


  • Hi Ms S,

    Improving the locations in the daily challenge is on our todo-list, we just haven't gotten to it yet.

    Thanks for the feedback and have a great day!
  • Today (5/30/20) the Daily Challenge had two locations in Sweden and one in Finland.
    Runners-up for repetitive locations include Japan, south Texas, and rural Minnesota.
    It's kind of ridiculous. Almost every day there is a location in Sweden, Finland or Norway.
    When I look at street view coverage on a world map, i see plenty of places I've never been on the Daily Challenge - Czechia. Croatia. Slovenia. Iceland. Slovakia. Plus a number of states in the US.
    I enjoy the Daily Challenge a lot, but unless there starts to be some variety in the locations, I am not re-upping my Pro membership when it runs out in a few months.
    Ms S
  • Are you really paying pro to just play the daily challenge? Because you can do way more with pro, like playing other maps with better location distribution. And daily challenge doesn't even need a pro account to be played anyways.
  • Nah, but that's the map I play the most especially if I'm short on time. I know there are other great maps but those can easily turn into a time suck so I don't play them often.
    Ms S
  • You can set a timer every time you play if you don't want to spend too much time on a game.

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