Daily Challenge

I love doing the daliy challenge trying to get on the leaderboard, which is allready hard on itself. Today I got my first 25k score on that... but when looking on the leaderboard it's hard to see where you actually rank among the best GeoGuessr players as there are alot of cheaters... an example is https://www.geoguessr.com/user/5e34f6d427ec172bc4e475cb who just uses this to have his/her twitch link up there as self promo... (but there are more; checking the "winners" of daily challange, you notice it alot) I know it is pretty hard to get a 100% cheaterproof game but sometimes it's just obvious (for example: 0m perfect pinpoint in 17 seconds in rural Botswana is def. legit -_-)

2nd: Is it possible to get easier acces to all scores you got on Daily Challange? The 7day overview is great but a button or link to acces a list of everyday you competed would be nice 😀

Regards Daninio
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  • as an addition to this a screenshot of the ranking today taken at 18:48 CEST...
    You can clearly see that #1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 are not legit... You can know 1 maybe 2 locations spot on without having to look around but then you still have to pinpoint them exactly which will always take some time... Most of these players up there do this on an almost daily basis and it sucks as a legit player that I actually should rank #3...
    Daan Beernaert aka Daninio
  • right! also, idk what is it with the pepe the frog pfp?? ive played with multiple players on battle royale (including both #3 and #5) and they're CLEARLY cheating... sad to know that even when its pretty obvious and even with ppl reporting them geoguessr still wont ban them...

    it takes away all the fun when obvious cheaters are always beating everyone else on battle royale and the daily challenge


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