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Daily challenge is a farce

Your daily challenge is a farce.  A small group of people constantly get the highest possible score, and to do so they must be gaming the system in some way.  Redesign this so it is meaningful to players.


  • They must doing it second time on another account. Very unfair.
    I'm pretty sure perfect daily is not possible with theese trashy locations.
  • There is no way to block cheaters. Using a second account to get the locations or looking at the coordinates in the source code of the page (something you can't change as Google Maps works like that) can't be blocked. You could ask to ban the cheaters but they'll just cancel pro on their account, make another account, get pro on it and cheat again. Just forget about this daily cheater challenger.
  • I agree both with the absurdity of the leaderboard for the daily challenge and the inability to fix it.

    I end up competing with myself and trying to get 20K+.

    I think the ultimate fix is just to remove the leaderboard and just have it track the scores over time for each user's account. If people want to game the system so their scores are always 25K that's fine, but remove the ability to see their names on top of a leaderboard and I don't imagine they'd bother.

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