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Daily Challenge Improvement


Thanks for having this suggestion site. It's great to see this game has support on your side!

I come from the competitive gaming community. I love GeoGuessr, and I think the Daily Challenge is a great opportunity to grow the game, or at least to give it a more visible, competitive aspect.

Currently, the Daily Challenge is not what I would call competitive because of the "Refresh Exploit" whereby a competitor can simply reset his timer on a round by refreshing his browser -- or even refresh the challenge altogether by deleting his recent browser cookies.

I have two questions/suggestions:

1. Would it be possible to have an option so that challenges -- or at least the Daily Challenge -- tracks user progress on the server side, instead of on the users' side? I'm not a dev, but I think this would be a necessary first step in what I'm about to suggest in #2.

2. Would it be possible to have an option so that in a challenge -- or at least the Daily Challenge -- closing or refreshing your GeoGuessr tab during a round results in a score of zero (0) for that round?

With my limited knowledge, I suspect something like this is possible? But I don't know how much work it would take. I think legitimizing the Daily Challenge in this way as a competitive game could lead to more interest in GeoGuessr.

Thank you,


  • Actually, a friend just told me about the "GeoGuessr Cheater" extension for Chrome. I guess that renders this whole thing pointless. :-D
  • The other way to cheat it is to simply log in as a different user after finding out where the locations are.  The top scores of 25,000 are completely meaningless, and at the end of a game I scroll to the 30th best score.  Sometimes I can beat that one or come close to it, without using any cheats or google searches.  So here is a suggestion:  instead of listing the top scores, show the AVERAGE score at the time the game is played.   That would be the score to beat, or see how good of a Guessr you really are.

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