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Daily Challenge "Anti-Cheat" Suggestion

I am fully aware that web development isn't an easy task, and that I am not a web developer, but I have a suggestion to prevent people from using alternative accounts on different browsers. The website should be able to use your public IP (or some other form of tracking) to prevent you from restarting the challenge on a different account. It only happens on some days, but a lot of people seem to cheat using other browsers and just seeing where the end up. I'm fine with looking around and using some detective work online to find out where you are (because that requires a few brain cells), rather than just finding out where you are. Maybe this would work, maybe it wouldn't, I don't really know. What do you guy think?
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  • What about people with dynamic IP adresses? Or people using their phone and 3G/4G which has another IP? Anyways it's impossible to prevent cheating sadly, just because how Google Maps API works: the coordinates are always visible in the source code of the web page as it's needed for Streetview and cheaters get the coordinates to build cheating tools that can't be counter.

    It's a lost battle so the best is just to ignore them and enjoy the game.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're against cheating while being ok with looking things up on the internet while playing the challenge? Isn't that essentially the same thing?

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