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Custom maps: more precise locations count between 1,000+ and 10,000+ locations

As of now, if a custom map has a certain amount of custom points, the display round it down to the nearest of these integers : 100+ / 250+ / 500+ / 1,000+ / 10,000+ / 100,000+ / 1,000,000+

I think if would be a good idea to have smaller increments in the 1000-10,000 range at least. This rounding val8ue is a good indicator of the replayability of the map, and a map with 2,000 locations does not have the same replay value as a map with 8,000 locations, yet both are currently displayed as "1,000+". We can see as of now that map makers creating maps in the 1,000-10,000 locations range usually specify the number of locations in the description because of this lack of smaller increments.

Implementing this might also incentive map makers to make maps with more points, which will increase the amount of such map and might provide fresh content for the Challenge Mode.


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