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Curiouser and curiouser

This was a new one: my 5th challenge began a few hundred meters north of my 4th one, on the same highway in Finland, at an intersection I'd used in the 4th challenge to measure my starting point. Hey, I'm up with that! I mean, I know a Finnish road name when I see one now - thank you Geoguessr - and I know Finland looks about the same wherever you are in Finland (trees, lakes, flat, perfect roads, zero traffic, all landmarks look alike, and how do Finns not get lost when every place looks the same and even all the TREES look the same and you could be hundreds of kilometers from where you thought you were and can you imagine what it's like when the whole country is under 2 meters of snow? and how do people even manage to live way out there anyway?). Anyway, this game started with one place in North Carolina, two right across the border in Virginia, then two in Finland 300 meters from each other. Easiest one ever, and I appreciate it - life is hard enough, right? I'm sure other players have had games like that, I'd like to hear about them.

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