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creating an account

I used to love playing Geoguessr. We would create a challenge and share it around the office. But now you need to register your email address to play. No thanks. I guess we won't be playing any more.


  • Hi GGG

    Sorry to hear that! We implemented a few major changes to the challenge functionality about a year ago which created the need for a user account for the challenge participants. However, creating an account for creating and playing challenges is totally free. Hoping that you'll give it a chance!

    Kind regards,

  • Hey guys i tried to create an account but when i type in my address and press sign up it takes to a page where i input my existing account but i havent made one yet and i couldnt connect to google or facebook
  • Hi Rayen,

    It looks like you already have an account, did you manage to reset the password and access it? (It looks like it in our logs)

    Let me know if you need any help!

  • wan to create a NEW account but don't know how


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