Country Streak stuck at 1220

I reached 1220 on my Country Streak game and am unable to proceed further. I know I am in South Africa. I can select South Africa as expected, but pressing the Guess button results in nothing happening. The compass will appear for a moment in the Guess button before it reverts to its standard format.

I've seen others having a similar issue with Country Streak at 1220, so suspect a game ID may be needed. If so, the game ID is "tLLIXgz8ivZbX82H".

Is there a hard cap on 1220 correct guesses for Country Streak?

Thank you in advanced for assistance offered.


  • There is a hard limit indeed. I don't know why it exists. They claim it is about the fair use policy but I don't know how going above 1220 would cost them more money as this doesn't make more API calls than any other amount.
  • At the moment it is capped at 1220. We will see if we are able to change it up in the future though.

    I have sent this on to the team to update the result for you on the profile page.

  • Hi webmaster, Your posts are always well researched.
    Lachlan Rivers

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