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country streak - max. countries

Is there a max. number of countries you can visit in country streak mode? After 255 countries the next round button does no longer work. If I try to resume that game from 'ongoing games', I get a 'page not found' error


  • Can confirm this. Next round button does nothing at a 255 streak.
  • Hi,

    Sorry for the delay, it's fixed now! You should be able to continue your streak now.


  • Indeed, it works!


    Now let's check the next boundary, at 2^16 countries ;-)
  • I wish you good luck!
  • When does country streak actually end ? or do you just keep going on forever?
    Mr Wallace Burt
  • Hi,

    You do keep going forever until you reach some hard limit due to technical limits (depending on how they coded it it can go up to billions).
  • Why wasn't the correct answer defended in the Country Streak mode?
    At 443 locations, Switzerland was hidden, I answered correctly, but I was counted as an error
  • Country streak, stopped at 91 locations

    I tried several times to continue with ongoing game, but each time I've got : black screen and no instructions !!
    Could you help?
    Paul PERRIN
  • The message is :
    "Failed to load the panorama at this round."
    Paul PERRIN

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