Country Streak map/algorithm

Hello and thanks for making such a wonderful game!

I've been playing Country Streak for several hours almost daily since early December and feel that I know it quite well, despite the chances of lurking surprises.

Today, I played for two hours and was placed in locations in the middle of nowhere almost exclusively. This was no matter, because I love this game and maybe it was a fluke. However, in this same session, I also encountered placements in Andorra and Bhutan, two places I know exist in other maps, but not in Country Streak—at least not to my knowledge. The whole thing seemed pretty weird and got me thinking; has the algorithm changed at all? Have the locations/placements expanded? I'd love to know for sure if this was a fluke, or if something is inherently different in the map.

Thanks again for making such an awesome game, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Dan Petty, New York, USA
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