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Country streak : give us a way to continue playing even if we're wrong

Hi devs. I'm usually playing diverse world but lately to improve my meta skills I began using Country Streak. It is really annoying to re-create a challenge everytime I fail, I just want to go next even if I'm wrong. The streak is actually not important so the counter could be discarded, what I want is just to train so unlimited country streak would be really cool.  
Same as now, just don't make it stop after a failure. (It'll also be useful to play with friends, this way when one of us fail we're not obliged to all restart to play together)


  • In addition, to add some context : you play with 3 friends. One of the 4 clicks a wrong country : you have to recreate a link and the 4 players have to click it again. It's really REALY annoying. Private battle royal is not the answer since we don't want to eliminate anyone on the way, but just enjoy finding clues together and share them when someone is wrong/right

  • Maybe a button to play again using the same rules would make the process less tedious
  • This wouldnt help my case as the main annoyance is to share the link with friends
  • I see what you are saying.

    If challenge links would be infinitely playable, there'd be less incentive for players to purchase pro though.
  • 1) That would only apply to CS
    2) I was the only Pro with 3 friends playing. Now We are 2 pro :). The other 2 got bored. Good conversion rate if you ask me
  • Another good option, the name of the two countries to choose from

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