Country Streak

Some countries hitboxes are really bad made, so sometimes I fall off wrongly. Could you repair it?

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  • The polygons (what you call hitboxes) are only there to allow you to select a country and does not tell in which country a location is (this is saved in a separate database). The polygons can be quite heavy to render so they have to keep them simple, which sometimes makes them not follow borders precisely.

    They don't need to make changes to polygons (except maybe on very small countries where they can be really wrong and confusing) however they have a lot of locations near borders that are flagged to the wrong country and that is something the really need to fix...

    If this happens on a game you want to continue (for example a long streak) you can always ask the devs to fix it:
    But for only 2 correct countries it's not worth it.
  • Heyoo,

    Revived it for ya 😀


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